Consistent Characters

Bring your characters to life with unparalleled consistency! Our innovative feature allows you to craft AI-generated characters simply by describing them. Our system ensures that all future renditions of your character maintain the same distinct face. Experience the ease of creating vivid, consistent characters without the need for complex tools.

Scene Control

Master the art of scene creation with our dynamic 3D viewports. This feature empowers you to meticulously arrange your scenes with characters and objects, placing everything exactly where you want it. Enjoy the freedom to reposition the camera to capture the perfect angle, all while ensuring consistency remains intact across your creations.

AI Video

Animate your imagination with our cutting-edge AI Video feature. Transform any image into a high-resolution animated video, available in smooth 24fps or 30fps. Whether it's bringing characters to life or setting scenes in motion, our technology ensures your creations move seamlessly.

Many Styles & Genres

From the enchanting 3D aesthetics of Pixar to the thrilling depths of horror and the boundless frontiers of sci-fi, our library boasts over 50 styles and genres to choose from. Generate images, craft videos, and create scenes that perfectly match your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

At CinemaDrop, while we recognize the fantastic AI video services provided by Pika Labs and Runway, we set ourselves apart with a comprehensive and superior suite of tools designed explicitly for AI movie creation. Our platform is uniquely tailored to streamline every aspect of movie production, from choosing styles and genres to generating music, audio, and speech, all under one roof. What makes CinemaDrop stand out even further is our commitment to user-friendliness. You don't need any prior AI experience to use our platform. We've simplified the process to such an extent that it feels like we're right there with you, holding your hand every step of the way.

Our aim is not just to offer better tools, but to make the filmmaking process as easy and accessible as possible. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced filmmaker, CinemaDrop equips you with everything you need to unleash your creativity without the hassle of navigating complex technical requirements. With our intuitive platform, we empower you to become the next Spielberg of AI cinema, focusing solely on your vision while we take care of the technicalities. Join us at CinemaDrop, where your dream movie is just a few clicks away, made possible by our unparalleled technology and user-centric approach.
Upon launch, we will offer over 50 different styles/genres to choose from including: 3D Pixar, Horror, Documentary, Sci-Fi, and more. Stay tuned.
We are mostly using our own AI models, not open source.
With CinemaDrop, if you're starting from scratch without any ideas, a 2-minute movie will probably take you around an hour of poking around the site. Without CinemaDrop this would take you easily at least a few days to a week.
We plan to launch incrementally, rolling out one feature at a time, beginning in Spring 2024, and plan to have launched all of our main features by the end of the year.
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CinemaDrop of course!

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